Bridesmaid Tips
Selecting the Bridesmaids Dresses

It's not easy getting a triangle, square and circle into the same octagon hole.
Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes and have differing skin tones, heights,
hair coloring, and modesty concerns. One bridesmaid may love a low back dress in
lilac whereas another may get hives just thinking about bearing her back, and is
sure lilac makes her look pale and anemic.

Then there is price . . . $200 is usually considered a good figure to keep in mind.
Not all bridesmaids have the same level of income, so if you can come in lower
they'll be happier. Don't forget that Bridesmaids will also have an additional
alteration charge of $20 to $45.

The comfort and pleasure your bridesmaid gets from her gown is based on its fit.
Cleaner styles, simple, elegant designs and less-restrictive rules make it possible
for you to find an ensemble everyone can live with. Bridesmaid styles influenced by
eveningwear have become more popular. This means your bridesmaids may be
able to wear their dresses again. And that's important when you consider their
financial investments

Fit is very important that many brides let their attendants choose their own styles in
a certain color and fabric. This can be important if your attendants have a wide
range of different body shapes. This approach can mean a look that's fairly
consistent and distinctly individualized. This is where 'separates" work well.

Separates, a relatively new trend, is a two-piece, "mix and match" system. You are
able to order each piece separately in the appropriate size. Separates also offer
other practical uses for your bridesmaids. They can be the basis for a variety of
outfits after the wedding.

If you plan a more formal, traditional wedding, consider an A-line cut for your
bridesmaids. The A-line flatters most body shapes, whether Rubenesque or slender
and petite, while retaining elegance. You might combine an A-line skirt with an
empire waist for even greater adaptability.

Do consider dress length: Formal and semiformal weddings call for long,
ballerina-length, or tea-length dresses. At an informal daytime wedding, bridesmaid
dresses can be the same length as the bride's dress, short or long. The only
exception: If a bride is wearing a floor-length dress, bridesmaid dresses should not
be short.

When you shop for bridesmaid fashions, take your maid of honor with you. Once
you've narrowed your choices, only then should you seek input from other
bridesmaid. Expect strong reactions both positive and negative. By offering them
options, you avoid the hurt feelings that always result from a "my way or the
highway" attitude.